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"We do not live or work in a free market environment."    View Comment
"Mr. O'Reilly, please offer an alternative. In commercial lending this happens all the time, payments are modified to help the owner weather rough times. Principle reduction is also used to remedy a problem. Since you are an insider in this industry I suspect you are a lobbyist for various banks and your rhetoric is dictated by the paychecks you receive from your clients. This housing catastrophe is the result of gross mismanagement of the mortgage industry which easy money allowed values to balloon..."    View Comment
"I am surprised the Republicans didn't suggest reducing taxes as part of their mortgage plan. They should also lobby for the elimination of zoning ordinaces, building codes, energy efficiency targets and development densities. ONe other thing, vouchers for private education."    View Comment
"I think the servicers did a gross disservice to homeowner's in requiring they go late on their mortgage to either negotiate a short sale or modification.....which in most cases never materialized and ended in foreclosure. Now that many of them are back on their feet they cannot secure financing and would love to reenter homeownership. I would like to see a nationwide class action lawsuit against the major servicers to restore those borrower's credit. this whole mortgage crisis was grossly..."    View Comment
"Are we migrating back to historic norms for homeownership?"    View Comment
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