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Matthew Graham
Chief Operating Officer,  Mortgage News Daily / MBS Live

Portland,  Oregon  97219
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"Mark, I agree with a lot of what you're saying, and was initially going to include the part about the Fed wanting to hike so they'd have something to cut for the next economic downturn. I can appreciate that it seems that they kept rates too low for too long, thus forcing an abrupt move higher, but that point is largely disarmed by two things. First, the Fed's hands were tied, to some extent, by the realities of global monetary policy. For a variety of reasons, it's harder for them..."    View Comment
"The last 2 weeks of the year can be quite volatile. .25% in terms of POINTS isn't too terrible in exchange for peace of mind. That said, Wednesday is the big day, regardless. I'd make a game-plan with your originator for Wednesday, and keep in mind that lenders are often quicker to reprice on Fed days."    View Comment
"Seems to be an issue of an "economic tracking" mindset versus that of the average mortgage rate stakeholder. From an economic tracking standpoint, this amount of lag time and accuracy is quite good! The catch is that almost anyone who reads articles about mortgage rates is either in the mortgage business or in the market for a mortgage."    View Comment
"Greg, why do you assume it's "the author?" Jann is a reporter who is reporting on research published by the Urban Institute. Don't shoot the messenger."    View Comment
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