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Matthew Graham
Chief Operating Officer,  Mortgage News Daily / MBS Live

Portland,  Oregon  97219
"I don't see today as an indication of a bigger-picture bounce. We're not likely to see major movement until after next week's Fed. Lock/Float thoughts discussed in greater detail on MBS Live as well (take a free trial if you haven't already)."    View Comment
"Not sure if it's "good," but numbers that low are "common" when it comes to mortgage/housing survey-based data."    View Comment
"Juan, they didn't do it sooner because they adhered to almost the exact same time frame on the MIP cut as they did in 2014/2015. Specifically, the actuarial report came out in November 2014 and the MIP cut was announced in January 2015. Same story this time around, except that the actuarial report is even stronger this time. If Obama admin is to be faulted on a political level, the only case to be made is that they didn't try to include the incoming administration on the changes."    View Comment
"Eric... I understand and empathize with the chip on your shoulder. Been there, done that as a mortgage broker. You're going to have to make a conscious attempt to rewind and actually absorb the content of my previous comment. If you do, you'll find we're on the same team, making the same points. And regarding plays on words, "fails" is in common parlance in housing and market data. No one is saying you failed at anything. In fact, the article isn't about appraisERS at all..."    View Comment
"Our official stance and our specific assumption for the purpose of this article is that an appraisal is an objective assessment of value--nothing more, nothing less. "Appraisal fails" referenced the "failure of a piece of collateral to appraise at the value agreed upon in the purchase contract." The article refers to "purchase mortgage applications that failed approval." The failure in that case is triggered by the valuation--the appraisal--simply because it serves as..."    View Comment