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Lea Shaw
Nationwide Account Executive ,  Real Estate Mortgage Network (REMN)

Austin,  Texas  78734
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"Frank; you mirrored my thoughts and sentiments exactly, wonderful article, thank you! Our message does need to be united between all participants in our industry. This can only be achieved by stopping the blame game, meeting on common ground and having the borrowers best interest at heart. Transparency is the key, but transparency does not mean having 5 different disclosures to disclose the origination fee and lender credit or discount in five different ways. Brokers and Lenders, both wholesale &..."    View Comment
"Amen, amen, amen! Imagine that, no government bailouts, borrowers that have no late payments on their current mortgage can actually reduce their payments because of the low interest rates, and have more spendable income. Would it help the struggling economy, absolutely! Will it pass, probably not for all the reasons you list and then some. Our illustrious leaders seem to be hell bent on opposing anything that crosses party lines. Excellent article Brian!"    View Comment
"Bravo Cindi! The FICO model is seriously flawed and should be used only as a guide, and not a tool to determine risk based pricing or worse yet, denial of a loan. How many credit reports have we all seen that have inaccurate data? What about the borrower that believes in financial independence, and lacks a credit history to obtain an acceptable FICO score? The list goes on and on, and until such time as a credit scoring model can be perfected, I believe that judgmental evaluations by underwriters..."    View Comment
"More power to this shop with 150 branches?? Must be an auditing nightmare, but we won't go down that path!! Actually the owner had some business savvy, he opened 3 years ago when the mortgage industry regurgitated, probably hired many of the most talented people in the industry that could not find a job and were worried about keeping their families together. Another example of greed and manipulation. Wonder how FHA and Investors view this shop??"    View Comment
"Amy, Thank you for your article - and right on spot. It is so frustrating to tell a homeowner that they can't refinance to lower their rate because they don't make enough money. They hear and read about historically low interest rates and loan modifications but, shame on them for being a good credit risk and making your payments on time or worse yet, shame on you for not having more income. We are crippling our economy with programs that mandate delinquency in order to lower housing payments..."    View Comment
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