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"Victor, Is interest rate for re-finance a investment property a lot higher than re-finance your primary home? I have a single dwelling investment property that I tried to re-finance, but my broker said I properly need to pay 2 points to get 5.625%. Is it reasonable for investment property?"    View Comment
"I have two residental rental property that I want to refinance. Both of the LTV are around 65%. The loand for each is $150K. I have 800 credit score. My broker told me for rental property, the mortgage interest rate will be at lease 1% higher than your primay house. Is that true? I am in Oregon. Can someone reply me? Thanks."    View Comment
"Adam, Who is the lender you use. I just locked my re-finance loan at 5% with 1% origination and $280 discount fee. I have over 790 score and my loan is 80% of the house value, no cash out. I still have to pay the regular closing fee. How could lender to lender have so much differences?"    View Comment
"I just locked at 5% with 1% origination and $280 discount fee. I have credit score over 790, and re-financed for 80% of the house value. I thought I can get better rate too, but that is the best I can get from my broker. I am in Oregon. Victor, Is this reasonable?"    View Comment
"Bob Smith, Where you are located? Can you share your lender's name? Please email me at for the lender's detail. I am re-finance my primary house, but the rate I got is around 5.5% with 1% fee. Please email me. I have excellent credit score and all document salary too."    View Comment
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