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"people, people, people. The economy is going to roar back. One reason is that the people who do the hiring at the companies across America are sheep just like most people are. The do what the crowd is doing. Once this idea of hiring gets firmly entrenched everybody in charge of hiring will want to hire someone. Just to keep up with the other guy. It same thing that happened after the crash. Everyone laid off people because everyone else was doing. These companies have a lot of cash they are sitting..."    View Comment
"show rates-there is more than one person excited about the economy."    View Comment
"hey show rates, you got a point. I just got a little excited. But, I still strongly feel that things are in place for a strong economic turnaround. But, your point is noted."    View Comment
"read them and weep guys, notice the word SURGE. Sounds to me alot like the word ROAR. Which the economy will soon be doing. Analysts predict strong job gains in the February employment report, which the government will release Friday. Brightening the outlook for more aggressive hiring, the manufacturing sector is growing at the fastest pace in nearly seven years and retailers are reporting strong gains for February after the best holiday shopping season since 2006. “Often at this stage of the recovery..."    View Comment
"The news about how the economy is starting to grow is gathering. Before are economic indicators will start to point in the upward direction. By mid-summer the economy will be roaring."    View Comment
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