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"There is always another tapebomb..UGH! Hey have any of you guys ever heard of the site I was on this thing all night. I won a TV the other day and now Im addticted. Its a little more fun them watching the 10yr. : )"    View Comment
"Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke to be Reappointed: Then stocks go higher....hmmmm Is it just me or is this kinda like: Car insurance lower after 65 car pile up?"    View Comment
"What was I thinking locking all 135 of my loans I floated but where is the love from the lender"    View Comment
"Mike if your locking all fifty. Then maybe I should go ahead and lock all 135 of mine. I can't wait to meet these customers and tell them I locked there loans years before we even met!! Do you know any lenders with 42 month locks?.."    View Comment
"I am going to float... Loan is closing in 2 1/2 weeks. United Wholesale Mortgage rates suck anyway 5.75 FHA is only paying .75 on a 30 day lock. paying 1.00 for 15 day. I mine as well wait 4 more days and see what happens if I lose .25 over the next 4 days I come out even. I swear this is like Vegas anymore not lending."    View Comment
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