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"and since when was a buyers best interest even remotely a concern for the majority of re agents? ranyone read a buyer's agency agreement lately?"    View Comment
"where/who is the "other side" of these trades? If Tsy's we're attractive at prices hunderds of bp's higher, where are these buyers (bargain hunters) now? Certainly the longs aren't booking huge losses on 2010 purchases? No alt investment other than equities and sovereign debt? maybe I'm just clueless....."    View Comment
"+nice december purchase bounce, 43% of pipeline. i hope thats a harbinger of things to come for '11."    View Comment
"braydon: Keep in mind I have found those WF rates to be a "head fake". Their retail reps routinley offer at least .125% under w/ full fees"    View Comment
"@Charles 3875 with that amt of comp for your LO is outstanding. Unless he's a self employed broker, I doubt the house would be too thrilled about the gross on that deal. i wuold not have allowed that in my shop.......and i'm a depository institiution."    View Comment
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