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"No. Housing has not bottomed. Until the chain of title issues are resolved, and foreclosures past/present/future can be completed with clean title insurance - no way the bottom is found. Look at the courts now willing to reverse past foreclosures - who would buy one? So that means millions of homes in limbo. Nope. A long way to go."    View Comment
"What a joke. "Sinai opted for referring to the MID as a subsidy " As if being taxed should be expected. As if it is the "right" of governments to take from us, and we should feel "subsidized" if we some how shelter our hard earned income from the taking of the government. Socialist craphead. How about, instead of punishing those who made the loan decisions they did based on having the MID - how about we force all governments to 1) spend only what they take in, and 2..."    View Comment
"The reality is that banks are putting foreclosures into a slow crawl process. Decision after decision is going against the MERS-based securitization scheme. Failures to show standing, failures to follow state laws on assignments, and even outright fraud that is being exposed has banks in a holding pattern while they work in state legislatures to change the law. In Oregon, there is a simple requirement that all assignments (including those that are described in the PSA of a MBS) be recorded prior..."    View Comment
"Loan = $700,000 @ 6.75%. Was written at 80% LTV, based on part on significant cash from me in improvements. If I wanted to sell the house in 30 days today? $400,000 best case. What would you do? And you think I'm the anomaly? You think most of the problem with strategic defaults is Janitors who over stated their income? Either - you wrote those loans so you know more than I do - or - you're wrong. Most of the upside homeownership in the US today are people like me who had a 80% LTV in 2007..."    View Comment
"Bill - Thank you for the reply. Let me illustrate why I believe you are wrong. First, just because we do something, even for a long time, does not make it legal. And second, I'm current on my mortgage, always have been. ----- My story. I have a Note between myself and "acme". I have a Deed of Trust with me, acme, and now MERS as "beneficiary". The trustee of the Deed of Trust is a local title company. acme sold my note within 1 week to Countrywide. (table funded loan). Title..."    View Comment
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