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"I'm also in agreement with Mr. Hodges and Mr. Floropoulos with guidelines not actually loosening. The other problem, on top of tight guidelines, is that underwriters have had the ability to use common sense taken away, in fear that they may make a judgment call on something, and then the loan defaults and everyone is looking at them. It is ridiculous how many different conditions we have to go through these days to verify something that makes complete sense, and shouldn't be an issue in the..."    View Comment
""Appraisals sometimes are assigned to the least qualified, least competent appraisers, but especially in a distressed market, competent and qualified appraisers - such as designated members of the Appraisal Institute - should be hired for difficult assignments." Ok, seriously? So I assume an appraisal request is sent out to a less competent and qualified appraiser, and he looks at it and says, "Man this looks difficult, and I don't think I am competent enough to complete it. I'll..."    View Comment
"Very well written Matt. It's something I try to go over with some of my customers that ask about the relationship of rates vs. the 10yr Treasury. While it is a great indicator, it isn't THE indicator. Of course your write up here is puts everything a lot cleared then I probably say it. Spot on as always!"    View Comment
"I prefer the RedBud option (#1) as it looks more like the old GFE we had. It is to the point, and not much room left for confusion."    View Comment
"Exactly VB. When I pre-qualify someone, and find out what their maximum qulaified purchase amount is, guess where the purchase ends up being? I may tell them they can go to a max of $250K, but should probably stay around $225K, but then I will get a contract right at $249,900, or I start getting questions about whether $255K would work or even $260K. I'm sure it isn't all the Realtor, and consumer is looking to stretch everything they can, but I don't think there is much help in keeping..."    View Comment
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