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Jim Garcia
Realtor,  Douglas County CO Real Estate
4833 Front St,  # 127
Castle Rock,  Colorado  80104
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"It has been about 10 months since I originally wrote this question. The Feds have now raised interest rates 4 times between 1/2017 and 8/2018. They are expected to raise rates at least one more time. Housing prices keep rising, but inventory levels are now at a 4 year high in the Denver metro area. New home builder units in Castle Rock and Douglas County CO overall continue to increase. Do you think the rising rates, rising prices, or something else is causing increased inventory levels?"    View Comment
"It will be interesting to see how an increase interest rates affect residential home prices in Castle Rock, CO. They have risen steadily since 2011, a strong 7 year run to the point that first time Buyers are barley able to afford the monthly payments, especially FHA & VA Buyers. If rates increase, will the Buying public absorb the increase or will sale prices get pushed down, so payments stay high but not unmanageable? It will be interesting to watch. great article. Thanks,"    View Comment
"If a Buyer gives up on getting qualified, they are giving up on their dreams, home ownership, and wealth building. Even if they have to re-group and come back a year later, it is always worth the effort for their long term retirement goals. That's for the great article."    View Comment
"Great information. As a Realtor, I recommend that Buyers begin the process of improving their financial position and FICO score(s) about 6 months before writing any contracts. Those two things may get the Buyer a low interest rate loan, who can now purchase a better home."    View Comment
"Interest rates are key to affordability with Buyers. Housing prices in the Douglas County, Colorado area have almost doubled in the past 7 years. When interest rates rise, that may force many potential Buyers out of the system and to stay in rental properties to affordability issues."    View Comment
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