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Contact Information
phone: (732) 938-2252 x303
mobile: (732) 547-4651
fax: (866) 886-3242
Jeff Coon
Branch Manager,  AnnieMac Home Mortgage
1800 Route 34,  Suite 406
Wall,  New Jersey  07719
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"Sory to hear AQ. May she rest in peace."    View Comment
"Are you kidding? What about how hard it is to get someones loan approved? it has to be well thought out, verified & re-verified, t's crossed, I's dotted, conditions of all kinds cleared, documented, explained, and done on time in the worst of environments ( other than the low rates ) and someone posted above correctly that the guy with poor credit, sloppy & slow documentation that I have to drag out of them with smaller loan amounts...I'm going to do that loan for next to nothing..."    View Comment
"Will they lift or change the 'must save 5%' rule? b/c with the increase in premium there is no way that many will be able to streamline refinance."    View Comment
"CW was known for stealing your clients. They don't play fair, and now it has seeped into BOA. Fry em."    View Comment
"FHA Reform Act of 2010 - (Sec. 2) Amends the National Housing Act to authorize the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to increase the maximum annual premium payments for mortgage insurance, and make the charging of them discretionary instead of mandatory. Discretionary?/ meaning it will be higher for higher risk borrowers? FICO/LTV pricing? WOW!"    View Comment
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