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"The problem is that these people get paid anything. Computers make all these middle men redundant. After all, they are part of the problem we are in, shouldn't they be cut out in the future?"    View Comment
"Just more tinkering. The enemy of real reform is petty reform. The whole system needs to be swept away, and those who help set it up, need to be properly punished."    View Comment
"I know that you must be under tremendous pressure to publish something, but try to have your authors present things with actual content! The day goes by very quickly, and wasting time on 'teaser' stories is not particularly helpful. This is the primary reason that I no longer listen to the nightly news anymore. PS and don't try an sell so much junk as well, dollars can't be that short can they?"    View Comment
"HAMP will never work until it has some teeth in it. The banks are lining up their lawyers to mount a constitutional challenge to anything they don't like so they are going to have to be allowed to fail [no more taxpayer dollars] or agree to waive these defenses. n'est pas?"    View Comment
"This is a very smart lady and you can probably believe what she says. I wish someone would ask her if securitization will fail and go away."    View Comment
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