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Eric Leithliter
Real Estate Finance,  Premier Lending, Inc
101 Lucas Valley Road,  Suite 200
San Rafael,  California  94903
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"Option 1 looks the best as there are more available fields for closing costs. There still needs to be more fields available because most transactions, especially purchases are much more complex."    View Comment
"I just spoke to my wholesale rep and he said that they have built a wholesale supercenter in Irvine and that this was coming for a while. If that is true, then it makes sense to do it now while the production is down. It's really too bad because I know many of those people at the Concord site and they are really good at what they do."    View Comment
"Kennon, the only part of that comment that I agree with is that 4.75% is still a very good rate."    View Comment
"kennon - you cant get 4.5% now without paying multiple points and the buydown doesn't make sense. 4.75-5.00 is the new range for a primary residence."    View Comment
"Could call Rex. Jake, you were given a brain so you could think for yourself, I recommend you start."    View Comment
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