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Scott Valins
Principal,  Scott Capital Group
32 Union Square East Suite 800,  New York
New York,  New York  10003
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"Excellent MG"    View Comment
"MG/AQ - does the current MBS/TSY move in the last hour come with solid volume?"    View Comment
"@Bob Hill. me too. also, wondering what, if any, the breaking point would be where the Fed would determine that it needs to re-start its MBS buying program to bring rates back down to help stabilize housing?"    View Comment
"AQ, according to your chart to come back into the origination friendly trend channel in early 2011 would require the 10 year to not only break back below 3 but sub-2.8, correct?"    View Comment
"If only these were October numbers too. would we even be in this mess?"    View Comment
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