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"Thank you Ted! Such good news!"    View Comment
"Speaking of LTV, how much, if any, does it affect the terms of a cash-out refi?? We were looking at almost 80% with a guess-estimated appraisal, but with the appraisal we just received, it’s more like 50%. Should I do a happy dance? Even a little one? Thanks!"    View Comment
"Thank you, Manuel. The more I’ve researched, the more I think we are going to do exactly that. Looks like our appraisal is going to be stellar, and with an old historic home, I’ll go with the bird in the hand since real comps are few and far between! At least that will help with LTV, right? Like you said...can always do rate and term down the road. Thanks again for the advice."    View Comment
"Hi Ted — thanks so much for your reply. Sounds like we would be better off waiting for sure. Something to think about!"    View Comment
"Hi everyone, and thank you for being here! We are deep in the process of a cash out refi and I need some quick advice, please! Our lender insists because my husbands CS is 685, the best he can do is 4.375% and that’s with 1.5 points. My score is 796 but apparently that doesn’t matter. If my math is correct, he is giving us a rate of 4.75 and we are buying it down to 4.375. We are floating the rate, and when I inquired a few days ago about locking, he stated that yes, the rates were lower but the..."    View Comment
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