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"Brian, I believe that you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. The abiding issue is not incompetence at the "black hat" banks, but rather a total lack of a prescient viewpoint. I would posit that the focus of the banks, inspite of the long-lasting mortgage debacle, is on reclaiming the " national mortgage champion" moniker from the emasculated mortgage bankers and brokers. As long as the banks are aided by a complicit federal bureacracy, the banks will be able to continue..."    View Comment
"I believe that it will happen sooner than later. For example, I am working with a group in NYC to develop a proprietary (private label) program."    View Comment
"Beth this was a great article. You are one of the most accomplished writers on this subject. Your clear easy to understand style has helped thousands of people gain an understanding they previously did not have. While JDR has no faith in mortgage brokers, when it comes to this topic, he should know that the elder law attorneys depend on Beth's advice. In addition to this, it is important when to articulate a point that is better left for the elder law Bar. Beth knows exactly where this line needs..."    View Comment
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