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"You do a great job of simplifying things that separately have an influence on mortgage rates, and you do a good job of highlighting the upcoming things that will have an impact, too. Your article a few days ago saying the market would have no events to react to noted the advice was good only until it wasn't. We have seen that play out with the last few days of reaction to news that was expected to be worse so relatively speaking it was good news. The markets reacted in a unpredicted way to something..."    View Comment
"Next to last paragraph: I knew this would be new state. 1.95 spread vs 1.38 is too much to ignore. It will be a while before it decreases. Mostly free money. And why should it take so long for pipeline to clear if locks are down by 80%? Last paragraph: Why "but this doesn't seem to explain the lack of rate locks"? Why not? And what is the last sentence?"    View Comment
""During the 2009 SARS outbreak in Hong Kong real estate transactions declined by 331 to 722 percent." That is impossible. Once something declines by 100%, it is gone. I stop reading an article when I see this mistake, and I suspect others do, too."    View Comment
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