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"Yet again in layman's terms a complete summary of what happened, what is happening, and what might happen, with the proper dose of anecdotal input. I could not agree more with the approach to refinance now, refinance later if it makes sense to refinance later. One does not preclude the other, and the savings are immediate. Win now, maybe win but more importantly never lose any time later."    View Comment
"Regarding the article informing people how the loan costs directly contribute to the APR and represent the actual net real rate vs.the advertised base interest rate: If you do not know how that works, how did you ever find this website? The point about the surprise fees is sound, too. How can that be implemented so unilaterally?. That doubling of fees should have come with advance warning, not after the fact for all those loans already locked."    View Comment
"So the theory is this half point is embedded in the wider-than-normal spread, and so it belongs to them. In normal times that argument would have some merit. (But these are not normal times, and it would be an argument, not a given fact.) The argument from lenders is that the spread is wider than normal because the times are wilder than normal. The extra spread reflects the extra risk and maybe extra work, although I think the work part is over-hyped. I will concede some of it is greed if that is..."    View Comment
""The great thing about that level of (potential) improvement is that if rates do manage to fall that much, it would make financial sense to refinance again in addition to refinancing right now. This has the added benefit of allowing you to capitalize on the interest savings between now and then. Moreover, if rates happen to move higher instead of lower, you won't have missed the opportunity. It's as close to a win-win as we typically see in a game that can only truly be won with clairvoyance..."    View Comment
"You do a great job of simplifying things that separately have an influence on mortgage rates, and you do a good job of highlighting the upcoming things that will have an impact, too. Your article a few days ago saying the market would have no events to react to noted the advice was good only until it wasn't. We have seen that play out with the last few days of reaction to news that was expected to be worse so relatively speaking it was good news. The markets reacted in a unpredicted way to something..."    View Comment
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