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"Tom, I believe they're talking about turn times for conditions, not how long it's taking to close them."    View Comment
"Thanks Susan, but I have a feeling this whole "sun" thing isn't giong to work out. Smart money is on the moon."    View Comment
"Lots of good points by Ed and Frank. Frank, I'm not sure I agree with your problem about Ed's suggestion. If the clients order their own appraisals from a state certified appraiser and that report is then forwarded on to the banks they can still do their risk assessment and you can figure out LLPA's based on the findings. There may still be a need for some mechanism to discount distressed sales and estimate value when quoting a client, but leaving the originating and ordering of appraisals..."    View Comment
"Kris - I was thinking the same thing, I would bet money that that's what some appraisers are doing."    View Comment
"I believe you could do a changed circumstance GFE for that, you're supposed to it for a rate lock (if floating originally) or lock extension. And talk about dealing with double dippers and the "education" they receive about the mortgage process and rates in general. Had read on another site where a person felt like it was their right to jump ship for a better rate after locking in because, "I believe that many of us mortgage shoppers feel that the lenders are taking advantage of..."    View Comment
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