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Dan Clifton
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"The people on the Hill have no idea what they are doing, what they need to do or how to do it. Indeed if you got 100 mortgage professionals in a room to discuss this, we would likely be all over the board. The simple fact is that there is no direction and too many people are pointing fingers. There needs to be a small board of industry professionals that can draw up clear concise bullet points of each item that needs to be address and an action plan for each. It is also imperative that each action..."    View Comment
"I have 3.875% on the board for standard closing costs and 4.25% for no closing cost on loan amounts of $200,000 and more. Market has been pretty steady today since the initial improvments this am."    View Comment
"Nice post AQ. My advice is still to lock the short term and/or thin loans. I dont think that QEII will spake a huge instant rally in rate imrpovements. It could spark a huge instant worsening though if the Fed does a trick vs treat. So therefore those thin deals and those looking to close w/in the next 2 weeks could be at risk. For the deals that have more cushion and more time i would advise 100% to float b/c you have time to reap the benefits or have the losses stabilize, which ever the case may..."    View Comment
"Paul, those people should not qualify. Qualify the borrower, not the property. No Pay, No Play. again 90% of my fallout is due to HOME not qualifying. The borrower otherwise qualifies under todays "harsh" u/w guides"    View Comment
"Oh yes, and before the appraisers get all up in arms, (what no appraisals for refis, we cant allow that); it reminds me of some email marketing i did on FHA streamline refis (you can of course doe these with no appraisal). An appraiser wrote me back "I am an appraiser, why would I be interested in this". Well the answer is simple: if home owners are able to stabilize their home payments, it goes to follow that home prices will stabilize. This will lead to increased demand. People buying..."    View Comment
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