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"We continue to treat the symptom instead of the disease - something at which our politicians are experts. The problem is home values and the cause, at least partly, is the ridiculous and arbitrary method we use for determinging value - our current property appraisal system. As long as we continue to allow distressed "sales" to poison the pool of comparable properties, we will remain in a self perpetuating mess. Appraisals are "backwards" looking instruments. As long as we continue..."    View Comment
"Trevor, you have nailed it. The intelligencia at the IMF don't have a clue about what helps sew the fabric of a community and a nation. Homeownership absolutely fosters organic growth metrics within economies and helps stabiize communities. Having said that, this doesn't mean everyone "deserves" to own a home. Sticking with prudent underwriting and conservative loan products would have allowed us to avoid this mess."    View Comment
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