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mobile: (801) 809-6409
fax: (877) 583-4169
Carey Valentine
Loan Originator,  W.J. Bradley Mortgage Lending
670 West Shepard Lane,  Suite 101
Farmington,  Utah  84025
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"BRAVO! I agree 110%! My husband and made the comment a few times about how slimy our industry is. I feel heartbroken about it because I know I am here to help people with sustainable homeownership, because I can, because I know how and because the meaning of life to me is truly about helping others. How sad this state of affairs is. I want to stay in this business and see that things are done the right way. While I know nothing is perfect and you can police the world, why on earth would anyone expect..."    View Comment
"WOW, what great commentary. Pretty much a state of affairs summed up."    View Comment
"WOW! Pretty interesting stuff happening."    View Comment
"I agree completely and am on board for an organized effort. Please let me know how I can help."    View Comment
"I've been in the business too long and established too many relationships to just throw in the towel. It's cyclical, always has been. The games always changing and so are the rules. It's part of the loan originators job to roll with the changes/punches and adapt. The challenges we face now will determine our success by our actions during this economic downturn. I say bring it. People want to work with me because I'm honest, I care about what they want and need and act as their advocate..."    View Comment
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