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"lol thanks josh for the update and I REALLY hope you are right . my LO actually called me back today. right now its too expensive for 4.675 or 4.625 (2 frickin points) But if I can get either with less .75 points on monday I am totally locking, he seemed to think we could get that early as the morning on the 3rd"    View Comment
"Hopefully I can lock monday."    View Comment
"we could hit 15k and if we do say hello to dow 5k. In all reality I think the s&p hits 1350/1375 then retracts a good 10-15% great biying opportunity Cant find the bill gross article but he did just sink millions of his own money into the funds due to high yields and unjusitifiably low prices. Either way if they stay where they are gets a great yield, if they go way up he gets a huge appreciation. (great yields apply to munies not treasuries :D)"    View Comment
"Pretty much decided I'm not waiting to see what non-farm payrolls are on the 7th. Im locking before then called my LO. Hopefully I can lock tomorrow/ monday"    View Comment
"Larkin = moron. Bill gross who is 1 billion times more knowledable and intelligent than larkin about the bond market pegged 3.5% as the absolute high for the treasury in 2011. not sure why people think we are in a recovery....basically nothing but gibberish to prove it All this being said I am not going to risk waiting."    View Comment
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