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Brian O'Reilly
Managing Director ,  The Collingwood Group
1700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Suite 200
Washington,  District of Columbia  20006
"Don, Not sure your mark to market concerns apply here. MTM applies to securities and not the whole loans. So I'm not understanding how it applies here. No doubt, however, that those concerns may come into play in other scenarios, which is why we propose a program the pays the current loan(s) off in full. So the real question then becomes ... what does a lender do with a bunch loans at 150% of more of TLTV/CLTV. Obviously, there is nothing for them to do with these ... they really can't be..."    View Comment
"Thank you for all the comments, feedback and additional insights. Obviously, there are no perfect solutions to this dilemma; however, as is obvious, my priorities involve rewarding borrowers who have been diligent in paying their loans, minimizing adverse impacts to investors, and minimizing costs to the government and taxpayers. The current programs, though borne of good intentions, attempt to apply traditional underwriting criteria to a unique situation that requires non-traditional thinking. Obviously..."    View Comment
"All good points: 1. The US deficit is an issue to long-term growth and stability; but by the same token - stimulus is required to continue priming the growth engine. The challenge will be striking the right balance regarding when to pull back, how fast and how much. 2. And yes, buying out loans at 120+ is the right action - but the BIG question in the future - is what are the impacts to the GSEs going forward in the absence of continued government support. How is investor confidence in the GSE (or..."    View Comment
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