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"Good File Delivery written into the employment contract is essential. However, Mandatory Reserves sound like a HR nightmare."    View Comment
""All-cash sales stood at 26 percent in April; they were 27 percent in March." Are these investors/speculators, or owner-occ's? If the former, I wonder what kind of market effect that much speculation will have..."    View Comment
"Sorry, October-November."    View Comment
""Ginnie Mae plans to allow lenders to securitize single loans starting in July."--Speech transcript says November-December time frame."    View Comment
""This is down from 83 percent who viewed homeownership as a safer investment than a bank account in 2003." At least we are becoming less stupid... "53 percent, however, feel that homeowners are responsible if they buy a home they can't afford." So about half of all homeowners feel that it's someone else's fault? Yikes."    View Comment
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