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Bobby Downey
Mortgage Consultant

Charlotte,  North Carolina  28211
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"Freddie Relief Open Access so not so Open....anybody else having any issues getting these approved through LP? It seems if your LTV is above 90 and your credit score below 720 you are going to get a I missing something?"    View Comment
"A Bell the only way to tell is if you give more amount, loan to value, credit score would be needed to give you some feedback..."    View Comment
"So it seems like there is a push in 3s lately.....are they just playing catch up, is it extremely low volume so easier to see movement, or does somebody know something we don't? Kind of looks things are trying to work themselves down to the 3.5% par level......"    View Comment
"Sure we housing, free food, free health care, even free wireless phone service around here....."    View Comment
"SR that is high.....4.375% on a r/t between 75-80 credit 740+ should run you about a point today....squeeze the LO for a little relief on that and lock it up...or wait until after the auction and see if we get one last little downward push..."    View Comment
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