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"Frank - I mean true free market capitalism, not the corporatist socialism we've seen in recent years where the government legislates in favor of their favorite corporations at the expense of their competition and the consumer. Everybody wants this fixed, but no one is willing to admit we have to endure the pain before we can see the relief. Continuing the cycle of government involvement will only prolong the inevitable and make things worse. We've seen that time and time again, yet we never..."    View Comment
"Yeah. I'm with Anne on this one. Government needs to step aside and let the free market sort it out. If we'd had true, free market capitalism all along, this whole mess would've never happened. When will we learn that the economy is not an animal that we can tame using manipulation and parlor tricks?"    View Comment
"The federal government needs to get out of the lending business. Free market capitalism works when given the chance. Although it is never perfect, neither is a federally regulated system. The government's so-called "regulatory" agencies only gave people a false sense of security. As a result, people didn't look out for their own best interests as they always should. Government involvement = unintended consequences....always."    View Comment
"Bryan - How true! I was even called a liar by a borrower on one occassion a few years ago when the rate went up about half a percent in only a few days. He had not locked yet and was frustrated when I gave him the news. He did some checking around and called me back later to apologize."    View Comment
"Al tissues are Kleenex, all bandages are band-aids, and when I was a kid in the southeastern US, every carbonated soft drink was a Coke, even if it was a Pepsi. Funny how that stuff works."    View Comment
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