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"Still trying to digest all of that, but thank you for the insightful post. This site is a great resource in helping to understand everything that is going on and the potential implications we'll face in the future."    View Comment
"with a budget of $500 billion, if a refi boom really did occur, imagine how fast that money would evaporate. yes, the fed is purchasing 5.5 notes, that once repaid early, can be used to purchase more, but how long that last? also, i remember someone posting that the russians dumped their MBS portfolio, which could explain part of the increase in supply story. also, the chinese... i'm also confused about what the government really means by "guaranteeing" 4% loans. wouldn't that make..."    View Comment
"With news of the government attempting to guarantee mortgages at 4.0%, doesn't that make MBS' as risky as T-bills, thus raising MBS prices to match those of T-bills that would provide 4.0%? Unless this government backing doesn't happen or unless the government is planning on doing something entirely different than MBS', I don't see another scenario happening."    View Comment
"I was willing to go for the higher points because the lender offered "incentive" money to pay it. I figured if it wasn't "my" money, no need to stress for another week for 1/4 points."    View Comment
"Locked at 4.5 yesterday with 3.375 points. Although I believe rates could go lower, because I close in late Feb, I don't know if that's a long enough horizon to realize those rates. Big sell off today -> bargain hunters tomorrow?"    View Comment
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