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"AQ - Just read up on bond vigilante...Great call...I guess my question now is...are we in for the long hall like it was when Clinton was in the administation or the times in our economy today are different?"    View Comment
"AQ - I agree the employment numbers are horrible...yet it seems as the market is thinking that 9.6 - 9.8 has been the norm for sometime now and with money going back into stocks that this will help the compaines market share and they in turn will start hiring again...leading then to a better employment numbers down the road....meaning QEII is then working....No ?"    View Comment
"AQ - Everything I have been hearing and reading are under the impression that the QEII is in fact working that money is going into the stock market to help that increase in turn it will help companies make money and will then lead to more job hiring down the road...if this is true and it seems a lot of people agree with this, I feel rates probably wont edge back down unless there is some really bad employment numbers come Jan, Fed, March (Q1)...It this statement is in fact true, it would appear the..."    View Comment
"Seems like Ground Hog Day"    View Comment
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