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"Can someome provide an estimate of the rate I can expect today/this week? 30 yr FHA in San Diego CA, 3.5% down, 764 score, 345K purchase. My closing date is only aug 1st but I am thinking of whether to go for a 45/60 day lock to insulate myself from the rates going higher up again! How much do lenders usually charge for 15-30day extra locks?"    View Comment
"Adam and other experts - thanks a lot for yuur continued explanation and updates.. From a layman's perspective, could you briefly elaborate on whether the happenings today - 1) set up the stage for some short-term or long-term stabilization in mortgage rates OR 2) Just cause additional randomness i.e.immediate increase or reduction in mortgage rates."    View Comment
"I am in the same situation as Brian, Ram. Brian - I am in San Diego as well (FHA buyer) and understand the crazy market over here that you refer to and which I have been a part of for the last 2-3 months. My closing is around 30-45 days away and wIth the mortgage rate trends being so difficult to predict, my lender suggests to just lock the best available FHA 30-yr rate now and then if the rates do stabilize in 2-3 weeks, he will take me to a new lender. Is this a feasible idea? How much extra in..."    View Comment
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