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"i don't see how this new program is useful at all. Unless we have another crash. How many people that have mortgages after 2017 have less than 5% equity... Doesn't make sense unless I am missing something."    View Comment
"Rob, great article. But I was really hoping you would close the loop with answers to the question you pose in the 3rd paragraph regarding cutoff dates. Particularly the last question regarding why not a rolling period as opposed to hard date. Would love to hear thoughts on that."    View Comment
"Hi Rob are you saying FHFA is taking active input on the HARP expansion and may change prior to the 15th(for ex the 09 seasoning)? Or just what the industry is saying?"    View Comment
"Hi Warren, This program does not use any govt money. It does not cost the govt or Fannie or Freddie anything. What you are suggesting would be great, however that would cost the govt and put tax dollars at risk. Those second loans are not Fannie or Freddie backed loans. So to consolidate would put them on the hook which is why thats not easy to do and not likely to happen. This new program could be much better. But i will take it for now!"    View Comment
"Bryant I agree about the dates. Have your clients contact FHFA . If enough people request it I would think it an easy change. It's been done before. Fannie had no seasoning when it started."    View Comment
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