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Winston Smith
Clerk,  Ministry of Truth

Oceania,  District of Columbia  1984
"Political pandering! I've seen this story at least 10 times over the past two years. What a joke."    View Comment
"I don't think the media is doing great job of relaying this information. I read the Beige Book findings and see no reason to be optimistic about the economic outlook. I agree, Fed cannot raise rates anytime soon."    View Comment
"I am hearing a lot about loan automation at the conference. As far as my shop goes we have been selling a lot to JP Morgan because of the advances they have made to their back shop technology. This whole automation thing has been a work in progress since GSE and GNMA loans became our only option. I anticipate this will be a focal point of future industry regulation and modernization"    View Comment
"I assume MSRs are not widely traded assets? Which would explain why values are unclear and therefore hard to price? On a broader scale...the mortgage industry is in dire need of a plan that will restore confidence in the securitization process. There is no other option...the Federal Reserve is keeing us afloat. If a plan to save the secondary mortgage market is not formulated before the Fed's $$$ runs originators will be clawing and scraping for every deal. Qualifying is already tough..."    View Comment
""Congress needs to do whatever it can to help ensure FHA is around another 75 years- and beyond"---AMEN BROTHER. We've already lost almost all of our loan funding sources FN/FRE's fate is hanging in the balance too. The last thing we need is for the market to lose confidence in the FHA too"    View Comment
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