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"If you got a business, You didn't build that, someone helped you build that business. If you got a house, you didn't buy that, someone helped you buy it. Welcome to the housing markets driven by .gov/big banks and new asset/loan protection. If the banks/gov want to limit purchases loans then do it through LTV's and the loans, not appraisal practices which hurts values directly. People buy and sell houses that's what drives the price, just like every other market. The housing market..."    View Comment
"I have been doing business with WF for along time in both correspondent and wholesale, and I always viewed my relationship with them as one where the where they where using decent pricing to get a new customer that they could flood with marketing materials on every WF product imaginable. Now that the brokers only make up 5% of their business its an easy way to look good to the uninformed public and throw the brokers to the wolves. Plus they are only 5% of their business anyway so they dont have to..."    View Comment
"Just wait until when the housing market never recovers and the Fed blames brokers again."    View Comment
"I worked at three different Banks before becoming a broker and I have done business the same way the whole time, there is no difference between banker and broker and the FED is representing a lie that there is difference to further help big banks get more profits. In fact I just got a personal bank loan renewed and the bank never disclosed me the rate or closing costs until closing, how do you like that? How do Banks still do this?"    View Comment
"Big Bank execs & Fed Reserve Bankers got their attorney friends to draft this legislation, it just amazes me that these same people that thought up sub-prime to make a quick billion draft up this thing that does nothing but take money from LO's and Consumers and pass it on to the Big Investor Banks again. Legislate profits, what a joke part of our gov is."    View Comment
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