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"after reading your article, i'd only say... aaameeen... very nice article... thx for the continued great job guys"    View Comment
"very nice, am looking to lock now..."    View Comment
"why post ten times the same thing, Mr. Ring... now you can't back down... just kidding. i'm sure you can go to someone else, but the locked lender, as well as the lending professionals here, are not gonna like that i am afraid"    View Comment
"Thx Victor for clarifying some of the junk fee concerns we have. But when I see for example a Mortgage Broker Fee of $2085 (.5%) vs $0, as well as, a Processing Fee of $695 vs $495 between two different brokers' GFE, we the borrowers sure have headachs of junk fees, thereby, continue broker shopping... sorry but it's very time consuming as well as frustrating experience out there."    View Comment
"I am looking for a good mortgage broker without junky fees in northern VA, in the DC metro area, having phenomanal rates!!!!!! I'm looking to refi LTV varies 80-85%, upto 417K mortgage on a currently 328 loan, excess to be paid on 2nd. would refi rental too... any takers."    View Comment
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