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phone: (915) 274-5395
mobile: (915) 274-5395
Victor Mendoza
Mortgage Loan Officer,  Bank of Texas
658 Katherine Ct.
El Paso,  Texas  79932
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"Yeah, why are we in the Green with the market rallying. Why are we disconnected from the stock lever. I was on Vacation on Friday and was ready to jump out the window for missing some locks. Now I am floating. Carelessly???"    View Comment
"Come on guys, I don't have the education or wisdom to say anything smart in this blog and may never reach that point. I just know I have been working my ass off the last two years to stay afloat. I have increased my income over the last two years but also my hours worked on educating myself with all the increasing changes. I have been a LO with a major bank for 13 years and enjoyed the risk free environment of making a very good paycheck. The last two years have been with a corresponding lender..."    View Comment
"The Real Issue is that Don, Us or anyone else on this blog wont change a thing. We rode the wave, let's make another one and lets keep on adjusting. the $10.0/hour LO will soon kill himself becuase he rather be selling used cars, some of us will have taken those jobs from them. The rest of us will be here to mop up the mess until Don figures out a better way."    View Comment
"Soooooooo........How does this affect me as a Corresponding Lender. Don? Should I go to church and repent for all the freaken hundreds of hours i have worked to keep up with all this we, in your own words, brought on ourselves. Don are you God just trying to get me to work for free at the local Acorn office. Oh, they are gone too. What am I to do Don. You are either a Catholic preist begging I flog myself for the money i have ripped off. God only knows I love this stress, 80 hours work weeks, appraisals..."    View Comment
"Any news yet on USDA running out of funds tomorrow and when they may get more."    View Comment
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