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"Man, I live in Georgia and just took a look at that list. My state is messed up. About half of the top 25 ratios are in Georgia!"    View Comment
"This is why you are the man Brian. I love the strategy about emailing out the rate sheets alongside the photo of the advertised rates on their lobby sign."    View Comment
"Outstanding post Brian. I think there are a lot of people who either have never heard of Mortgage Revolution or who weren't quite sure what it was about; and you certainly answered that question. We must police and lead from within."    View Comment
"Just so people don’t think I am being obnoxious here, I didn’t mean to double post. I thought I deleted the original one with the bad formatting (I deleted it from my history so I thought it would delete the actual comment as well) and then reposted it with hyphens since apparently carriage returns don’t work in the comments section."    View Comment
"@Jack Arney - You are correct sir. If we had more active members within NAMB it would certainly be a step in the right direction. Like NAMB or not, at the current moment they are our voice and our leadership. If you don't agree with their tactics, then get involved and help change it for the better. And Mortgage Revolution is certainly an attempt to help try and establish leadership within our ranks and self-police our industry. I encourage everyone to consider attending this event. As for their..."    View Comment
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