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Thomas Quann
President,  Stonegate Mortgage
300 Elm Street
South Dartmouth,  Massachusetts  02748
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"The monkey video is pretty funny"    View Comment
"it means we move down again? Do i win a prize? Seriously, love the charts and always helpful! It helps paint a picture vs. just words.---Thanks MG----"    View Comment
"So it's float and hope....."    View Comment
"Although.....I will say this, owning a mortgage brokerage, I am all for a program that allows responsible homeowners a shot at lower rates. Anyone that has missed multiple payments and have been strategically defaulting in my book should not be eligible. They have shown the can make a bad decision and compounding that with more bad decisions. I know this is not the case with all homeowners, just those who could afford the more but strategically default. How do you determine which is which? You don't..."    View Comment
"Only problem there Barry are the consequences each borrower would pay from the result of defaulting. defaulting = bad credit. bad credit = higher borrowering costs on loans/credit cards etc.... Although I would love to have my underwater investment property's rate lowered....I am not willing to tarnish my credit (at age 36) because I choose to make a bad investment when I acquired the property. Sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Work harder and fix the mistakes you make....and remember the..."    View Comment
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