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Tom Drasler
Licensed Mortgage Specialist,  HomeQuest Mortgage Corporation
25301 Cabot Road,  Suite 105
Laguna Hills,  California  92653
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"LO compensation fixing is next!"    View Comment
"I'm not impressed with how Freddie HARPs are working out for my clients. The LP denial rates are high as a result of LP being so confusing to use requiring several submissions to try to get an accept. Not to mention there are only a few open access lenders to use."    View Comment
"Frank n' Dodd have really messed things up. This reform act is nothing but a control grab on the banks. If you look at history, socialist countries have taken this same path and failed. Great Britain and Gemany, were at G20 talking budget cuts and we reverted with calls for more stimulus spending. With regard to Frank n' Dodd, rather than add additional oversight governmental divisions, all they need to do is insist the current regulatory arms do their job of enforcement. We need to rise..."    View Comment
"ditto to what each of you have said. Like an idiot, I got into this business after 25 years as a high tech sales executive working for Fortune technology companies wanting to redirect my career to spend more time with my family. I have stuck it out the last 4 years and currently work for a small 2 man broker shop. With the amended bill on the table to be signed that would radically limit our compensation it appears brokers are walking dead."    View Comment
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