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"Haedo1881, The truth is a majority of banks between 2003 to 2008 were giving out fraudulent loans. You have to remember the banks own the appraisal houses, which doesn't surprise me your appraisal was wrong :( I am sorry this has happened to you but you see this is exactly how they were and are doing it. DO NOT TRUST the banks. Once you are in foreclosure, really, the only options are consoling a real-estate distress attorney, In the mean-time also delay the sale date of your foreclosing property..."    View Comment
"The lenders are under NO obligation to help homeowners. This is the truth. Once you reach the point of NOD "Notice of Default" there is no chance working with the lender. Great story, A home owner was currently with Citimortgage and all of a sudden they were told to pay back payments and fees to Nationstar in order to not lose their home. Well Citimortgage closed down and quickly made a buck on selling their data to Nationstar. Once the honest homeowner decided to write a check to Nationstar..."    View Comment
"Gladiator, You have the right idea. Sadly some of us have to go through this maze of lies and crap to see that we are being feed junk. Once you are in foreclosure, talking to the banks is really not an option. Remember the banks are under NO obligation to assist you in rectifying this situation. The banks have their own agendas, most of them are closing up shop and selling off their data (Your cases) to other banks to make a quick buck :( It's the truth. A lot of homeowners are just regular people..."    View Comment
"Ready to walk away & Mom Bar, I can totally sympathize with both of you. I firstly want to apologize what you are going through, I know how frustrating and devastating this can be. The truth of the matter is that we cannot trust ANY bank. Please note, the banks are under NO obligation to assist you in rectifying your situation. A lot of these banks are going out of business and they are hurry to sell off their data (Being your case) to other banks to make a quick buck and get out. This is definitely..."    View Comment
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