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"Isn't the concept of always booming part of the problem that led towards the current housing meltdown? The only growth that is constant is population and arguably inflation. Given the fact that some will always have more than others, there will always be a shortage somewhere. This invariably causes the downfall, of varied steepness and depth, in one form or fashion. War being the "recovery cycle" is the forced government intervention combined with directed spending and the large elimination..."    View Comment
"Ok, so to recap (this is assuming policy has anything to do with the end result) we have something along the following: 1) Tax cuts did not create growth 2) De-regulation caused a crash 3) Infighting (budget issues) and uncertainty prolong the problem or make it worse 4) Crony capitalism did not work (re: targeted stimulus to big buisness in specific areas, subsidies, and other breaks or benefits) ...... So where does that leave us exactly? If the opposite of the above would be applied it would look..."    View Comment
"@rob- Again, forgive any ignorance i may show by throwing out ideas. Of those you are referencing to the 75% not being underwater, those would be non-income properties or 2nd homes that wouldn't qualify for the tax credit anyhow right? So, in order to be equitable, it would have to be phased in just like the tax credit would have to be phased out as to not create a sticker shock come spring. So what could happen, for example, would be you do a first pass on those underwater at a fixed dollar..."    View Comment
"@Jason Couldnt the US tie in the principle buy down aspect of that kind of direct stimulus and subsequent refinance into a phasing out of the tax credit associated with mortgage interest on income taxes? This isn't too different than offering first time buyiers a direct cash incentive or simply giving a tax credit up front for X amount of years paying on interest at the previous loan structure. Or am I looking at this in too simple of terms?"    View Comment
"ED, you are just putting up more spin. Look at what is happening, not what could happen. What is happening, is companies are cutting personell to expand their profits and using that money to buy out other companies. Look at the headlines in almost any given week and you will find one of a company buying out another fairly regularly in the past 2 years since the crash getting the item at a discount. This does not create jobs and if anything removes them from the job pool through consolidation. Look..."    View Comment
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