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Mortgage Loan Originator,  Crown Mortgage
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"I have reviewed the bulletin and do not see anything regarding the maximum income limits... Will this limit the ability to purchase a NOO property? Being able to qualify for two mortgage payments might mean that your income is too high for qualifying for a Home Possible Mortgage...?"    View Comment
"I just wish they would move that date forward in time! I have so many clients who closed in June of 2009 and would otherwise qualify but do not qualify any other way due to the LTV which was completely out of their control."    View Comment
"With appraisal standards now equal across the board, shouldn't the appraisals be more portable not less so? I understand the lenders do not want borrowers moving to their competitors but if they can not provide a loan to the borrower, and the borrower paid for the appraisal, then I think that it should be allowed to move with the borrower! If each lender had their own rules regarding appraisals, I would understand but all appraisals are now ordered through AMC's. If the data is still fresh..."    View Comment
"People who can't laugh at a joke probably are taking themselves too seriously! Thanks for adding a smile to your articles!"    View Comment
"Provident's Comp plan is VERY S.L.O.W...... They wait until after the filke has closed and funded to ship the original to their home office. Once it arives (a few days), they then take their time reviewing the file to see if there are any mistakes that they missed in their grueling underwriting process... (another week or so) once they are satisfied that any of their mistakes are corrected, they finally pay the brokers. It can be 2 weeks or more after closing before we can do our own compliance..."    View Comment
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