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"Rob, Ok- I see where there can be an issue with the 'really upside down" borrower but what about the guy who deosn't qualify because of DTI? Where is the conventional streamline refinance? I have run into this A LOT over the last two years and just can't make sense of it. You see someone who has great credit and has never been late on their mortgage but we tell them no. They stand the chance to save $100.00 to even $600.00 a month.... but we tell them no because your DTI is .2% too..."    View Comment
"I am not the kind of L.O. that has a huge understanding of the political landscape when it comes to making decisions involving a "National Refinance Program".... but, you would think this would be first priority right now. Why would we not allow someone who has paid their mortgage on time for the last three+ years to refinance even if they have a DTI that is too high or is really underwater? By doing this the borrower is less likely to walk away from the property.... Do the banks and the..."    View Comment
"I have read this site for several months now and I have learned a lot. I look forward to learning more and having some great conversations on here! I recently had to leave my single life-style of partying and late nights since my first child was born 8 months ago. So, it is time to take my career seriously and make more money. Here in Sout Carolina there are a lot of L. O.'s but most of them are of the used car variety. I was easily able to out work them I just seemed to be missing the overall..."    View Comment
"Nevermind... I found it. NFP= Non Farm Payrolls. It is basically an employment reoprt? I am fairly new to the industry and trying to figure all of this out!"    View Comment
"What is the NFP?"    View Comment
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