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"Don - ysp is already the least of my concerns. It's politicians that have your unyielding, flawed mindset, with no ability to fathom how this Industry needs to operate in order to be of value to the consumer that are of concern for me. Have a nice day."    View Comment
"Don - In case you missed the question. I do understand that your ability to follow a simple request parallels your ability to comprehend what we are trying to express to you, but focus buddy. Concentrate on the little symbols otherwise known as letters....put them together........and spell out the combination of words the letters combine to make. WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?"    View Comment
"Great reading....well most of it. At this point however, i think I'd sacrifice the clarification and transparency of the "final rule", just to know what Don does for a living. Should i be more concerned about the bill? yep. Should I post some questions that I am sure you guys could answer? Probably. But right now i just want to know how perfect this guy is. Did he spend his entire career up until the time he rescued countless people out of the WTC on 9/11, feeding starving African children..."    View Comment
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