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Robert Rippy
President,  Southern Mortgage Unlimited, Inc.
214 W. 12th Street
Tifton,  Georgia  31794
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"Jason, I have been in the mortgage industry for 18 years and I accept very little of the blame. I did less than 10 sub-prime loans back in the day because I did not feel good about the rates I had to charge. In every single case I explained to the borrower that, if they paid their obligations like they were supposed to for the next 12 months, their would more than likely qualify for an FHA loan. I don't know of a single customer that paid their bills on time after the loan closed. That is not..."    View Comment
"I haven't had alot of problems personally with HVCC. However, I do have issues with it. If I am an appraiser with several years experience and have built a substantial client base, I am being penalized in a big way. Let's say that I have 5 mortgage offices sending me orders almost exclusively because of the quality of work I do. For argument sake lets also say that I am making $100,000 a year off these referrals. One of my competitors has been in the business for one year and makes about..."    View Comment
"Interesting stuff here. I learn more everytime I get on here and read the posts. Curious about a few things though. Unemployment .2% higher than expectations but new claims 200,000 below expectations. So that is considered a measure that the worst may be over and we are on our way to recovery? Have they forgotten about what appears to be a major influx of unemployed when all of these dealerships close down? Won't that also affect thousands of jobs for the suppliers of the automotive industry..."    View Comment
"Amazing posts and the creativeness with which you found a way to use the word "Appended" was excellent! LOL"    View Comment
"The government should not allow corporations in this type of industry to get too big to be allowed to fail. They should either nationalize and sell it off or atleast when it stabilizes break it up like they did AT&T years ago. One company should not be able to put that much peril in the health of an entire economy."    View Comment
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