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phone: (623) 223-1307
Rich Krupnik
Sales Manager / Loan Officer,  Stearns Lending, Inc.

Phoenix,  Arizona  85085
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"My stomach dropped when I read the title to this post by MG- Adam has gone far and above his call of duty for me... He has taken the time to educate me, send me emails at times when I needed that extra "boost" to get through a tough market and have late day conversations. My point is AQ, you have been a guiding light, a mentor and a good man. I only hope you remain close to our cozy community here at MND and make sure you drop us a note from time to time to let us know how you are doing..."    View Comment
"There was no bashing at all- I just think there needs to be a sustained timeframe in which rates remain low... Giving our housing market a chance to recover fully and quickly- The best way to do so, is keeping interest rates low- It's an intelligent theory... The average American's largest debt is their home- By attacking that, with lower interest rates and programs to help them get these lower rates, this will ultimately put real money into their hands to spend in our under performing economy..."    View Comment
"Apparently it has come across that I have a lack of education and knowledge when it comes to these discussions- Whether my profile on here states that I have been in the industry for 5 years or 85 years, I guarantee that my education for surpasses your opinions of me- When I mention that I don't think we should be at 6% interest rates anytime soon, I am stating that in reference to the lack of our "so-called" recovery people really think we have had recently- These numbers are not accurately..."    View Comment
"I am just curious as how the economy could "suddenly" recover and make vast improvements in a 2 and a half month period?? Starting Nov. 3rd... which was simply a day of announced activity that was to come... QE2- This was a program that was designed to help keep the interest rates low so we can have a continued housing recovery and stimulate refinancing and creating spendable monies in the average Americans household- No matter how you look at it... Housing is what has caused our economy..."    View Comment
"1.) How about finding ways to get the rates back down to 4.25%!? By doing so, housing becomes more affordable for those purchasing and those still in their homes... It would also increase spending in our economy- Creating jobs as well... 2.) We could also actually follow through with the loan modifications and the utilize the money that was allocated for such!!? Considering that the banks are so stubborn and are hoarding the money that was allocated for the sole purpose of modifying home loans and..."    View Comment
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