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Patricia Hodes

202 NW Highway 441
Micanopy,  Florida  32667-4004
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"What happens to the Foreclosures that were filed by Wells Fargo as Trustee for Option One Mortgage back in January of 2008? Can American Home Mortgage pick up and follow through with the Foreclosure? or are they through too? Since as I read it, Wilbur Ross purchased Option One's mortgages wouldn't that mean that his company would have to re-file Foreclosure proceedings or allow homeowners to file for the HAMP programs to save their homes. If a Foreclosure was allowed in the year 2011 under..."    View Comment
"Can anyone give me any suggestions as to handle this in court when I appear before the Judge on August 30th. I reported this whole thing to the FBI, The Attorney Generals Office and other agencies, but they don't help individuals. We have to fight our own battles in court with or without attorneys. Attorney David Stern's office when he lost the foreclosure, he charged me all the attorney fees and added them to the new mortgage including all the inspection fees, etc. They were DENIED the foreclosure..."    View Comment
"If anyone can suggest a legal position I should take in this case I would appreciate it. I need all the help I can get."    View Comment
"I am a 70 year old widow. This was a refinance. I was originally with a company called Fremont Mortgage and loan they turned it over to America Servicing Co. owned by Wells Fargo. I didn't know it was a MERS loan. Anyway my Mother who was in her 80's was put into a nursing home with my Dad by my brothers who stole all their money One million eight hundred thousand, so said adult protective services. Dad died there because they put DNR's on both of them and Mother was not to have dialysis..."    View Comment
"My mortgage fraud case is coming up August 30th and it is a real duzzy. I tried to explain it on here but it was too long so it didn't take it. I am a 70 year old widow fighting my own case against a Predatory lender. Option One Mtg. Corp. they lost their license out of California for this type of thing. They were also thrown out of many other states. They can't do business in Florida either but Wells Fargo sues as Trustee for them, so look out. The Attorney general's office is suing..."    View Comment
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