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"The fact that wages stagnated, jobs were lost, costs of living and property taxes kept going up certainly had much more to do with the credit crisis than media and politicians have been willing to admit. Ever since the "centralized planning" piece took hold as a government model, all phases of burning and churning the masses have taken place -which by its very design, is a form of social-financial-eugenics all the way, as in even if it makes a population unhealthy, drives people into their..."    View Comment
"Pull through is to approval rate as is to lenders should not book a loan unless its a solid application (6 key information pieces). With the demise of solid originating lenders, the big banks are finding themselves in loan submission hell, i.e. too big to monitor the quality of submissions. Having said that, underwriting a loan in a big bank is taking two credit report life cycles to close, a travesty of operational inefficiency. Big bank originators are not NMLS registered, meaning they lack the..."    View Comment
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