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"We all have to become Brokers- be efficient, make the $, and grow, and get lobbyist back in play. Our power is also derived from what we close... and Politicians want to be re-elected, want the economy to grow..and lower rates, home buying helps this. We are at a "LOW" - but I somehow belive our days will slowly get better."    View Comment
"The Market Stagnation - constipation of real estate movement/deals not happening- THIS is what will drive the Loan Brokers back into "play". Although - IF - the big three banks use super-slick call in processing, massive call centers.. and the market is flowing.. market improves .. then us Mortgage Brokers/Agents maybe a dying breed. The ya'all can just do Hard Money Deals... and pick for scaps. - Cheers- LS"    View Comment
"The Bank Bail-Outs are the glue that's keeping this garbage going...the banks have their marching orders..and will be eliminating " Brokers" and then the Gov't gets more fee and fines..more taxation..... Unless... The Public make the connections of eliminating choice, eliminating competition..and the harm its doing to the average Joe. Cheers- LS"    View Comment
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