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"I can't help but think that if the crimes of the MBS purveyors such as J.P. Morgan Chase had been brought to light and prosecuted sooner, the public would be a lot further along toward trusting the mortgage industry. As it is, the same slimy characters are still in charge, and most people are well aware of that. I admire Ms. Fleischman for blowing the whistle. It won't make her life any easier."    View Comment
" My contribution to financial literacy."    View Comment
"And the people responsible for this sorry state of affairs have still not been held accountable."    View Comment
""Disenfranchised" is a good choice of words since I'm sure most people, if given a chance to vote on the subject, would prefer Angelo Mozillo and his ilk be rotting under the jail instead of enjoying their ill-gotten gains. I myself know several "financially educated" people (one of them a CPA) who got burned since 2008. I feel we will be on shaky ground until unethical practices are punished instead of rewarded. Until then, just tell us whom we can trust. That would be some..."    View Comment
"Reality check. There are 4 college-educated adults in my family. Only one of us currently owns a home, and that one is currently "under water" on the mortgage. One of us is living in a mobile home that is one step up from a tent. Two of us are in a rental house by the grace of God. I'm not optimistic about anything improving until wages and employment increase."    View Comment
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