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"With the insane QM and so called "ATR" rules with ridiculous ratio requirements, even more than qualified borrowers with pristine credit are getting turned away."    View Comment
"HVCC and Dodd/Frank over regulation chickens coming home to roost."    View Comment
"Disgusting. Sure, reinstall the bubble with 97% financing, but have a 45 back end with perfect credit, 25% LTV and assets many multiples of the loan amount and get blown out of the water. One size fits all regulations that take all the thinking away from underwriting is an unmitigated recipe for disaster. Way to go Dodd/Lollipop Cowboy, CFPB, "Safe" Act, Comp Rules, HVCC, etc. etc. etc. etc. ad infinitim."    View Comment
"The strict DTI requirements A) Make NO sense, and B) Are killing many good, quality loans. What do the regulators think we need? Relaxed guidelines on LTV's and FICO scores - exactly what we DON'T need."    View Comment
"The govt. has made the process so painful, who could blame people for not refinancing?"    View Comment
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