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phone: (617) 869-5644
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Kelcey Morange
Mortgage Loan Consultant,  Main Street Home Loans (a Division of NFM)
99 Derby Street ,  Suite 302
Hingham,  Massachusetts  02043
Client Testimonials
“Excellent service - warm and friendly!”
We contacted Kelcey at the beginning of our house search, and she was extremely friendly and helpful. She managed to pre-approve us within a day without us having to fill up one of those complicated online forms (considering that we had only been in the US for less than a year). Although we did not use her services eventually, she was very upfront with all the charges and very patient in explaining every aspect of the mortgage, as well as information pertaining to attorneys, etc. This is, of course, in addition to giving us the best rate we could find. We recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who is looking for a lender, and would definitely work with her again if we have the chance to.
“Thanks for the help”
I was a first time home buyer in need of help and Kelcey went above and beyond all expectations. She's dynamite. I find it hard to believe you can find anyone who is more thorough, efficient, and friendly. I recommend her to all my friends.
“Thank you for your great support and help!”
When I had some issue that could potentially delay our closing with our lender, I needed a back up plan or alternative lending source if the loan didn't work out with our initial lender. I came to talk to Kelcey because she is on the recommendation lists for mortgage agencies from our buyer's agent (RedFin). During about two weeks of constant and frequent communication with Kelcey, I am very impressed by her honesty, compassion and professional thoroughness and effectiveness; I also very much appreciated her willingness to help and her taking time to explain things very clearly and objectively. I will highly recommend Kelcey to any of my friends without hesitation.
“Excellent Service, Responsive, Helpful”
We ended up not getting a mortgage through Ms. Morange because our own bank offered us the best rate we could find, but we did work with Ms. Morange extensively and found her to be reliable, honest, and very professional. The rates she got were better than every other bank/broker (other than from our bank) and she was extremely accessible. Our emails were answered immediately and thoroughly. Her knowledge of the industry and the process was top-notch. She was helpful but never pushy and she even recommended that we go with our own bank when they came up with the best rate for our situation. Based on our experiences, we would highly recommend her services.
“Thanks for getting me out of a jam!”
I was working with another lender for months, when they suddenly found that the property I was looking at was ineligible, and threw the brakes on. After a series of very concerned emails, my agent and attorney suggested calling Kelcey. Within hours, she had looked through all of the documentation and found that it was in fact eliglble and clearly laid out a path forward. We were moving again the next day. Thanks for your help!
“Kelcey is superb”
I'm very happy with the service and rates that Kelcey provided. She always responds fast and provides thoughtful advice and information. It's easy to see why she's so successful.
“Any hyperbole would b an understatement for Kelcey”
I don't even know how to express Kelcey's extreme aptitude for what she does. Throughout our extensive home-buying process, Kelcey was an immeasurable asset for us to have on our side of the deal. Her above-and-beyond attitude is refreshing in these days of subpar customer service. Her knowledge of all types of mortgages is extensive yet she recognizes that we layfolk are not immersed in the types of dealings everyday and does not throw jargon at you; she is able to answer your questions by providing in-depth answers in lay terms. Overall, Kelcey is a conscientious, intelligent, helpful-to-the-ends-of-the earth individual who I plan to use for every subsequent mortgage in my lifetime. I recommend her all the live long day.
“Outstanding support from beginning to end”
Kelcey was incredible to work with from the moment we needed a preapproval letter to the closing on a different house seven months later. She was always available and always gave thorough detailed responses to our questions and kept us updated when we didn't even know to ask. I can't say enough good things about her.
“Fantastic Service!”
I recommend Kelcey to everyone, whether I know they are seeking a mortgage or not. She responds promptly and intelligently and anticipates follow up questions and concerns. I received my mortgage about a year ago and still occasionally have questions. Regardless of the fact that there is no possible remuneration, Kelcey continues to be as responsive and friendly as ever. The home-buying process can be a scary one, and it really helps to have someone as efficient and professional as Kelcey working with you. -Peter
“Thanks Kelcey for a flawless service”
As a first time home buyer, I attended the home buying classes and had a huge binder with lists of things to watch out for during the mortgage application processes. Fees, closing costs, escrow accounts, etc. As a busy, working professional, I kept saying to myself, it should be easier than this. Enter Kelcey Morange. I strive for simplicity in everything I do outside work. I wanted a single point of contact. I write one check at closing and have everything done in the back ground. Kelcey provided that service and I am eternally grateful. The process was so flawless, I saw Kelcey for the first time, at the closing! Everything was done by phone, fax, and secure email. Kelcey explained every step. She would respond to my first time home buyer stupid email questions at 1:00 am! Imagine that. You can print out check lists and chase bankers, assessors, insurance agents, etc. Or you can hand your details over to Kelcey, let her work out that stuff, and live you life. I chose the latter. And I don't regret it one bit. Applying for a mortgage? No big deal. (if you got Kelcey in your corner). I would recommend Kelcey unequivocally for all your mortgage needs. I would recommend her to friends, family members, everyone I know. She is one of the good guys. Nowadays, good guys are hard to find.
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